Plymouth with Markers

Pioneering technology development

Smart Sound Plymouth is a first-of-its-kind within the UK, facilitating the design, testing and development of new products and services for the marine sector.

Nearly 1,000 sq. kilometres of authorised and de-conflicted water space

Smart Sound facilitates trials, validation and proving of marine innovative technologies across a diverse environment. All missions will be facilitated by a dedicated team in compliance with MAS codes of conduct and de-conflicted with other water users. From trials in shallow benign environments to deeper hostile waters Smart Sound can facilitate a wide range of conditions to suit the user's particular requirements.

View the webinar by Dr James Fishwick which explains more about Smart Sound Plymouth and the expertise and equipment that is available.

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Western Channel Observatory: putting the 'Smart' into Smart Sound

A unique time-series and biodiversity reference site providing detailed data records and insight of the marine environmental conditions over timescales of hours to centuries. In-water platforms are supported by world-leading environmental modelling and remote sensing. The observatory is a proven platform of opportunity for technological and scientific development, supporting industry and advancing UK expertise.




"The critical role Plymouth Marine Laboratory are playing, providing us with these excellent testing facilities at sea, is a uniquely invaluable service to UK industry, which we have no other way of duplicating."

Dr Nick Webb, Delta-T Devices Ltd

"University of Plymouth experts helped AutoNaut make the crucial step from workshops and test tanks to open water. From the Marine Station, AutoNaut proved their capability to perform unmanned passive acoustic monitoring trials in the Plymouth Smart Sound."

Phil Johnston, Autonaut

"We’ve made developments to our genomics data processing pipeline with the assistance of Data Science experts from the Marine Biological Association. Applied Genomics now have enhanced processing ability to support our genomics based environmental biodiversity assessments."

Seb Mynott, Applied Genomics

Research and Development partners

The Smart Sound is a partnership between five organisations, each contributing their knowledge and expertise in the marine sector.

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