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CGI image of the new yellow data buoy

Meet the New Buoy

News  |  28 October 2020

It took three lorries to deliver the tower, floats and other parts of Plymouth Marine Laboratory’s new Autonomous Data Buoy; the buoy is a vastly upgraded replacement for the current L4 buoy, moored out in the Western Channel off the South D...

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Screen shot of the video showing aerial view of devonport, Plymouth

New Maritime UK South West video demonstrates the well-established cluster that is driving economic growth in the region

News  |  26 October 2020

This short video from Maritime UK South West gives an insight into the various technological and scientific capabilites of the marine industry in the region. 

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Plymouth sound from above with overlay of network plexus and icons indicating aspects of the network

New funding, new network, new technology for Smart Sound Plymouth

News  |  12 August 2020

A new network of high-speed mobile data connectivity off the coast of Plymouth will put the city at the very forefront of marine innovation.

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Screenshot of the webinar showing a map and bullet list of information about Smart sound plymouth

Smart Sound Webinar: Britain’s platform for innovative marine technology development

News  |  22 June 2020

In this recent webinar Dr James Fishwick, Head of Smart Sound Plymouth gives an introduction to Smart Sound Plymouth and the expertise and equipment that is available for use.

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The new yellow unmanned vessel at sea

Cutting edge unmanned marine vessel now available for use

News  |  05 March 2020

A cutting edge unmanned marine vessel capable of conducting research off the South West coast is now available for use by Devon-based small and medium sized businesses.

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Screenshot of the video showing James Fishwick talking to camera

New video captures first at-sea testing for Smart Sound

News  |  31 July 2019

James Fishwick, Head of Smart Sound Plymouth gives an introduction into the capabilties of the Smart Sound and joins clients from ecoSUB robotics for the deployment and testing of their cutting-edge UAVs.

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Picture of a yellow scientific data buoy at sea

Tender Opportunity: New buoy platform to facilitate trials and validation of innovative marine technologies

News  |  02 July 2019

Plymouth Marine Laboratory have operated a highly successful scientific data buoy programme within the context of the Western Channel Observatory for ov...

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Aerial view of Devonport dockyard in Plymouth

Smart Sound Plymouth to support next generation of marine technologies

News  |  26 June 2019

The Marine Business Technology Centre (MBTC) has officially launched Smart Sound Plymouth, a proving area for designing, testing and developing cutting edge products and services for the advanced marine sector.

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